About Swagger Cosmetics:

Brilliantly-colored, lollipop-shaped makeup that is actually good for your skin? Yes, please.
Swagger Cosmetics is a casually luxurious line of 100% vegan cosmetics developed in San Francisco.
Each product is formulated with a smooth, buttery finish and with the highest color payoff in mind. We believe better ingredients create better results, and all our products are free of common fillers and irritants.
Swagger Cosmetics aims to provide rich, affordable products to anyone seeking a little extra glamour in their life. These products are great for beginners, makeup junkies, and professionals alike.

About Blake Karamazov:

Blake Karamazov is a quirky & fierce makeup artist who loves high fashion, heart-shaped lollipops and being around kids in any setting. She began making cosmetics five years ago, inspired by childhood memories of being the most fabulous little boy in Las Vegas. Blake makes all the cosmetics in her new line by distilling a unique mixture of Russian literature, hip hop, and elaborate wigs. The resulting highly pigmented colors may cause spontaneous sex changes, and if spilled, turn boring things into champagne. They are also 100% vegan, as Blake herself eats exclusively rhinestones and glitter. Swagger Cosmetics insures you are ready for the party, whether the party involves a hot tub, a funeral, or both. (description courtesy of Sarah Galvin)